Renovation In The Children’s Room

Every detail should be treated with increased responsibility when planning renovations in a children’s room and choosing an interior design. Original furniture, bright colors, interesting decor can have an attractive appearance but be unsafe or even interfere with the child. Therefore, you first need to study the specifics of these works and the features of the arrangement of the premises.

Repair rules in the children’s room

Room planning

There must be three functional areas in the room: a play area for training and classes and rest and sleep. There should not be strong distinctions, but each part is equipped according to its purpose.


When choosing a style, you should avoid overly bright interiors, using several contrasting tones, inappropriate accents, and patterns. For a toddler under the age of 2 years, you should prefer calm, pastel colors. A child from 3 years old will already demonstrate personal preferences by himself. Imposing a style can lead to discomfort, and too bright colors can lead to problems with sleep and learning.


The more light, the better, but it shouldn’t be chaotic. The following levels must be present:

  • Daylight. Provided by a window. If it is small, it is worth abandoning curtains and maximizing the throughput.
  • Upper light. Presented as a chandelier. It should not have many parts that can fall and injure the child.
  • Medium-light. This includes table lamps and sconces. It is worth discarding floor lamps, as they can fall and create a dangerous situation.
  • Night light. It is a small decorative lamp that gives a minimum amount of light and turns on at night so that the child is not afraid to sleep and can orient himself in space at any time.

The design is selected so that the child cannot get the light bulb on his own. In addition, it is worth abandoning colored lamps and those that can distort the contours of surrounding objects.

Microclimate and communications

The location of heaters, sockets, switches, wiring is planned. All communications are drawn on the plan. It is worth considering their location: if the child is small, all sockets should be placed at a sufficient height and have special protection. As for heating devices, they must also be covered with screens and be safe. Of course, if possible, it is always worth leaving the centralized heating system. It is better to forget about air conditioners, but modern air humidifiers will allow you to maintain optimal humidity for your baby in the room.

Furniture, decor items, and even finishing materials must be safe. Fearless childish curiosity can take a child anywhere, and all this needs to be thought out in advance. Therefore, it is better to attach all the racks to the wall, choose a cabinet with a stable base, and lay a soft carpet on the floor.

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